Work Life Balance

Is achieving a balance between work, family and training a myth?


Well it’s definitely a challenge. Here’s what my day used to look like:

5:00am wake up

5:30am catch the bus (try to read or nap)

6:45-7:45 in the gym strength training and core building

7:45-8:30 shower, dress eat breakfast, and ready for busy day at the office

12:30pm 45 min run or walk (alternate between days)

1:30pm back to work and eat lunch at my desk

4:30pm head home to more excitement

6:00-9:00pm dinner, visit with family/friends or quick cycle up Zero Avenue or search and rescue training or yoga, depending on the day of the week. Oh yes, and find time for house work and gardening.


Highly motivated to be balanced or plain crazy? What is balance?

Defined as a state of equilibrium; harmonious arrangement.

I was desperately trying for the later and burning out in the process. I took everything very seriously – work, training, and fun. No one wants to be the last one in the pack or fail but being the best wife, housekeeper, employee and athlete all have a price. Since I’m not an Olympic athlete, I decided or my body decided to train less and spend more time at home relaxing. Learning to train smarter not harder, htt:// Also, focusing on what’s important and having fewer goals

Since there are only so many hours in a day, let’s make the best of it.

Happy Riding!

Shakuntla Sharma