Riding Naked

Not literally, naked, as in head to toe naked. What I am referring to is butt naked. Like under the spandex naked. You know, commando.

Do you ride commando?

Let’s take this a step further now that the bikini season is here. This makes me laugh. Remember that scene in Sex in the City  (it is here) where Miranda’s pubic hairs are exposed. AKA “…the national forest?”

Spandex reveals a lot. Now isn’t that the truth!

How many male cyclists do you see wearing white spandex shorts? This guy looks good in white. Check him out here. Right after the two-minute mark he dances in a peloton formation with a gaggle of women. It’s hilarious. (I got such a kick out of this song I downloaded it from iTunes right away).

White spandex shorts show even more! Just sayin’…

Not too long ago a friend introduced me to a Groupon special for the Brazilian waxing. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy? A few women have told me; once they go Brazilian they never go back.

With an open mind I plunged head first into this one.

“How’s your pain tolerance?” the woman asks me leaning over the towel draping my lower half.

Meekly I reply, “Pretty good…(me thinks).”

Here’s what I didn’t know. They do between your butt cheeks too.

“I notice you ride a bicycle,” she says looking at my helmet on the floor when she was done.

“Best not to ride today,” she declares.

Stoned faced I depart. So, here’s the difference – no hair, no moisture wicking.

I got road rash – the between the buttocks kind. Then I let it grow back for the sake of cycling. And I have yet to repeat the experience. Which begs the question; do you think any of the guys that competed in this year’s Tour de France would do it?

The male version of Brazilian waxing that is…


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