Suspension-Therapy: The Greatest Improvement I’ve Made in One Day

We go to the gym, eat nutritious food, buy the best equipment and dedicate countless hours to training. The improvements we see or feel are often small and over a long period of time. That doesn’t matter to us, it’s part of the fun and the game. But to get on your bike one day and feel like a totally new rider can be pretty amazing. For me this happened after a day of suspension tuning with Arthur Gaillot of


Bike set up is something we often over look, or not know where to start with ourselves. Where should we put our cleats? Is my stem too long, too short, too high, too low? It can be overwhelming and confusing.

When we question our equipment it can cause a serious lack of confidence in our riding. If you don’t have time to do all the research, and then experiment over and over again I recommend seeking professional help! Getting fit properly on your bike can change your riding. Take an afternoon and book in with a local bike fitter. Even if you don’t end up changing much, second opinions are always good!

Taking a day to work with someone on set-up has given me another corner piece of the puzzle. Once you get the edges you can focus on building the inside.


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