Purchasing the Right Bike

Wow! A month has gone by so quickly. I got in some solid 70-80Km rides between the rainy days and a 101km on a hot windy day. I wish all of you could have joined our weekend rides. We had the best time thanks to our fearless leaders. Every time I was on my bike, I realized how grateful I was for that sunny day when I missed my bus stop and landed on the door steps of Mighty Riders. I had searched high and low for a road bike before I found Ed Luciano at Mighty Riders. I had plenty of questions and not a lot of money. Ed was patient, answered all my questions and worked within my budget. What a guy!


A bike should fit you like a glove. Do not allow salesman to sell you something that does not feel right.

Being vertically challenged (4’11”) as some would call it, many of the bikes on the floor did not fit me properly. Most of the bike shops just wanted me to purchase a bike before they would start the fitting process. There was no guarantee of customer satisfaction. This was not the case at Mighty Riders.

Ed asked a lot of questions before he put me on a bike. What kind of riding was I planning on doing? Pleasure, commuting, or racing? Alone or with others? Any physical or health conditions? What is my approximate budget? Be prepared to spend between two to three thousand dollars for a new, entry level bike. Before I even paid for the bike, Ed put me on a cycle trainer and a gorgeous black Argon 18 Krypton.


A solid Canadian made bike that is stable, comfortable and light weight (100% carbon frameset). After we changed the stem, handle bar and seat to fit my small body, Ed promised I would love the bike. He was correct. I love my bike so much and now, it sits in one of our bedrooms!

Another important tool Ed had in his back pocket was a video camera. He was taping me while I was on the cycle trainer and showed me how my riding improved as he made changes to the bike. Also, it proved that I needed to work on my posture.

So if you’re looking to buy a bike, go see Ed at Mighty Riders

You can also check out Marvin’s website which has loads of valuable information on bikes and bike fitting.

I want to thank Ed and all people that have worked with me to purchase the right bike.

Any day on a bike is a good day!


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