Butt Joy

Chaffing sucks. If you’ve ever had it you know what I mean.

Had a good chuckle when I heard my ex husband speak about a very long ride he was on. At a certain pit stop – a farmer’s market – there was an artisan selling fuzzy seatbelt covers. He took one and stuffed it down his shorts. His story was well illustrated with graphic expressions in his eyes. It was the sign of relief that he gained for the rest of the ride.

Now that we’re pulling the long hauls on the weekends, getting off the bike after three hours has a way of leaving its mark!

Personally, I have tried the expensive creams you can buy at the bike stores. But I’ve found them to be too thin for the job. What has worked for me, but it’s a bugger to apply because of its viscosity, is the cloth diaper baby’s saviour – the Penaten. I’ve also used Vaseline, which I like better for applying, but one pro told me the petroleum in the jelly breaks down your chamois. It’s whatever works for you.

Insert here a POST IT note reminder: remember to apply BEFORE you leave for the ride.

10764869-1363251229-147762Which begs the question, why do we even need these creams? Is it a poor bike fit? Is it because the shorts don’t fit properly?

Do you know what you need in a cycling short besides the snug-in-the-butt fit? Get the best chamois money can buy. How do you know you’re getting a good chamois? By the price you pay. It’s also an absolute necessity to wash first before wearing. That, I heard from a local Olympian mountain biker.

Now there are short cycling shorts, cycling shorts (almost to the knee) and then there are the bib shorts. My first kit with bib shorts was absolute heaven. If you haven’t tried bib shorts yet you must. Annoying for pit stops if you’re like me and wait to the very last minute to go – but amazingly comfortable for riding. Truly any cyclist butt’s joy. Snug as a bug. Apparently there are now bib shorts on the market that have quick release clips at the base of the straps’ front – what took them so long!

Spandex shows it all. Isn’t that the truth? It took me a while to get up the nerve to wear it. Go an extra size up if you’re ordering on-line. And ladies, if you have any chaffing prevention tips you’d care to share, I encourage you to use the comments section below.

Roll on ladies. Roll on!


One thought on “Butt Joy

  1. Nice post. How do you manage to powder your nose (putting it politely). It’s one of the things that has always putting me off getting the full bib shorts and sticking to buying the bottoms only.

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