Beat It in the Zone!

Want to wear a bikini this summer? It’s been a while for me, truthfully. And yes, this is my goal. To be fit not fat! I can picture it. Being 16 again (ha ha). Fitness at its finest.

We’re getting close to the zoom, zoom, zoom of the base build prowess. Getting to be time to kick off the cruise control and zap into the cadence shuffle.

Say you’ve been a good girl and taking in the miles on the solo train? You are now tuned into three days a week in the steady eddy zone. Working that base. Yeah you! No slacking off now. Take some time to challenge yourself – repeatedly.

Crank it up. You’ve set a goal. When in the zone, beat it! By this I mean, keep up a steady cadence. Easy gears but with a good tempo. Put a song in your head before you leave in a 4/4 time. When you start to slack and tell yourself, “At least I’m out there doing it!” – Up the ante.

Easy is good. But pump it up for stretches when you can. Do wind sprints. I use telephone poles. One stretch fast, and the next two in-betweens easy.

During my weekly cycling commutes, I have favourite stretches of roads with less traffic and easy dividers. Here I’ll do either a mix-up of fast spins for half, easy other OR one leg working on, then the other leg.

What I’ve learned when dialling in on the base is to keep the easy gears spinning, but with a crispness. A swiftness. To do this, concentrate on the pedal stroke.

Someone once told me to ride the circle with the up motion foot flat in pedal and when it comes to the down motion, your heel is taking off that cowboy boot. Rotation, rotation, rotation. Google it!

Mix it up when you’re riding the flats. Work on that pedal stroke. You’ll be bored otherwise.


Remember to smile when you ride and give the bike love when you’re done. Wash down the brake pads and oil the chain. Clean your rims. Keep the road grit to a minimum. You love your bike and your bike will love you back. Trust me.

Love what you’re doing? Be thankful you can.

But most importantly, ride like you drive and stay tuned into your body’s needs. Fuel, hydration and stretching. Keep the core a little bit sore. Work it! But make the hips happy and flexible.

Here’s more ride reminders:

  1. Be seen.
  2. Take food and hydration. I take two bottles of water and put electrolytes in one.
  3. Remember to eat every 45 minutes. I like taking a banana and a gluten free bar when I head out for two to three hours.
  4. Pump the tires before you ride!
  5. Put your phone and your money in a plastic zip lock.
  6. Wear Road ID.
  7. Drink chocolate milk after the long ride and eat lots of protein.

Next up: hills!


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