A Knight’s Tale


Don’t get me wrong…I am a true believer in equal rights and opportunities for both men and women but there is something to be said when witnessing an act of true chivalry.
Especially in today’s fast paced world where people are focused on just getting through the day in one piece. On a recent trip to the Aloha State I came across a situation that restored my faith that there are Knights in shining armour…or in this case. A Knight in shiny, white lycra.
The story begins with a broken down moped on the side of the highway. The girl attached to it was no bigger than the ride itself. There she was, pushing with all her might to get this hunk of metal back to the town to either a) get a lube job or b) ream out the long haired surfer dude who rented her the hunk’o’junk. Either way, it was a long, hot journey back home.

Watching car after car…and truck after truck…zoom by this girl, a Knight on a shining white steed wheeled up beside her. After much kicking of the engine, jiggling of the lugger nut thingies, and jostling of the whatchamacallits, the diagnosis was grim. The bike was officially D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate   Damn Near Rusted-out).  What to do?! Only thing a person can do in a situation like this…channel your inner McGyver. Not as ingenious as fashioning a bomb out of bubble gum and a paper clip… but pretty darn close…This gallant gentleman fashioned a tether rope system and tied it to the front of the moped. Next thing I know, the girl was astride the hunk of metal and the Knight had hopped back onto his steed and started to pull. To give you a mental picture of this…girl on a moped  being pulled by a road cyclist (one hand on bike…one hand on the tether)…along the flat, head windy, hot, highway of West Maui. Epic.

After watching this, it reconfirmed the fact that roadies are a special breed. There is chivalry and gallantry on the road.

To the gentleman who helped on the damsel in distress: Thank you. You are a saint among us.


3 thoughts on “A Knight’s Tale

  1. I love the mental imagery of the moped being towed by a road bike being riden by a lycra-clad knight. Thank you for sharing this (your?) experience.

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