New Year’s Revolutions

2013… Seriously?! Where did 2000 through 2012 go?! Just the other day I was fresh faced and fancy free. Now I am freshly Botoxed and Freedom 50! Where did the last decade or so go? Excuse me while I panic…

Yes, the last few years have flown by but I have to admit I’m feeling pretty good about myself. 40*cough*41*cough* years old, full head of hair, 20/20-ish vision, and in pretty good shape. Life is pretty alright, but here’s the thing. I am not one for New Year’s resolutions.

After 40 years I have realized that my love affair with carbs will never end (compare it to the bad-ass boyfriend you had in your 20’s. You knew he was epically bad for you but gosh-darn-it…he was just-so-yummy), I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I could try to lose weight but at a certain age those extra 5 lbs help soften out the wrinkles. What to do? When the vast majority of people are in the act of “resolving,” what should I be doing?

I opted for “reflection”. I looked back at 2012 and thought of what had I missed or let slip. Aside from the usual guilt-ridden motherhood schtick (be a better mom/wife, spend more times with the kids/husband, be more patient, etc) I pretty much had an awesome year in regards to goals and achievements. My only lack was logging time on my steed. I didn’t push myself to get out there and ride on my own. I think a couple of too close calls with cars has embedded a niggling fear inside of me. So for 2013, I say “Fear-schmear!” Time to push through. This year I resolve to revolve! I am going to expand my riding circle, find myself a great group of ladies to tour around with and conquer my hatred of hills and fear of uber bad-ass drivers. Care to join me?


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