Things to think about during your time off training

I have been injured for 8 months now. For some of that time I’ve been able to do some training and even a little racing. But when I got my second injury (concussion) about 3 months ago on top of my preexisting chronic injury (whiplash) I stopped training altogether. (For the full story on my injuries check out my blog). So while everyone is talking about tapering and carbo-loading for Olympic distance triathlon nationals, Ironman Canada, and of course the Gran Fondo these past few weeks, I cannot really relate.

It is now the end of the competitive cycling and triathlon season. Soon, many of you will be in my shoes as you (hopefully) take a break before embarking on off-season training. I thought I would lend my expertise as a long-time non-training athlete to highlight some things that I previously took for granted as an athlete. Depending on the length of time you intend to take off you can either revel in these (if taking a week or two) or aim to avoid them (if taking a few months off) during your down time from sport. Continue reading